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Easily Reach a Final Resolution in Your Divorce

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If you are facing divorce, separation or child custody/support issues, you're likely finding out how much time and expense comes with the process. Divorce isn't easy, but it can be easier than you might think.

What if you could easily reach a final resolution with your spouse (or former spouse) without exorbitant attorney fees and excessive time spent in court? With a divorce mediator, you can reach a final agreement that is suitable for both parties out of court. For mediation services involving divorce, child custody, child support and other family issues in Charlotte, NC, call Diane Marlowe at Charlotte Family Mediation, LLC.

Save time and money

Separation agreements for residents throughout Charlotte, Matthews, Pineville, Huntersville and surrounding areas

Mediation services with Diane Marlowe and Charlotte Family Mediation can help you reach an out of court agreement with your former partner for less than one half the cost of a traditional divorce attorney. The mediation process can take only a few hours rather than months or years in court.

Child custody and support mediation

Family mediation services in Matthews, Charlotte, Pineville, Huntersville and the surrounding region

When children are involved, the divorce process is even more sensitive. Mediation will help you reach an agreement regarding child custody, child support and visitation rights that is acceptable to both parties and in the children's best interests.

Resolve your issues privately

Court proceedings are open to the public. Mediation services are private and confidential.

Many people choose out of court mediation services because it will avoid a lengthy court proceeding and save time and money. Another benefit of mediation is that it is confidential. You won't have to bring up private details in a public setting.

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Don't make the divorce process any harder than it has to be. Schedule your appointment with Diane Marlowe and Charlotte Family Mediation today. We'll help you and your partner reach an out of court agreement without the high cost of a traditional attorney